San Diego: Sloppy’s Burritos – Better than Chipotle!

Published on: Mar 12 2013 by jenny

Sloppy's Burritos

I recently was invited to Sloppy’s Burritos’ Grand Opening in Hillcrest. I was super stoked since I love supporting restaurants that are sustainable, organic, and local. Even better, their food is super delicious and gets my instant approval!

Sloppy Burritos Outside   Sloppy's Burritos Patio

Co-founders, Matt Belkin (“Sloppy”) and Sylvia Szudelski began Sloppy’s Burritos with one goal – healthy food should be simple, affordable and good for the planet. Most ingredients are sourced locally and organically from family-run farms throughout San Diego County and California.

Inside Sloppy's Burritos

Just like Chipotle – guests choose a burrito, bowl or salad, and create their entrée with free-range chicken, grass-fed steak, farm-raised pork or organic non-GMO tofu. Guests can then add any mix-ins from a wide range of fresh, organic and/or locally sourced ingredients. Most options are vegan-friendly and nearly all are gluten-free.

Sloppy's Burritos Cooking

Where Sloppy’s Burritos really shine is how they cook their proteins. Proteins are “flash-grilled” at 450 degrees in 90 seconds or less upon ordering, a technique adapted from Japanese cooking methods. This really delivers the freshest and most savory burritos, eliminating the bland taste so common in most burritos. This method made me one happy camper since the protein was so tender and flavorful.

Sloppy's Burritos Salsa and Guac

Take home 12 oz salsa and Sloppy’s homemade signature guacamole are also available  for $4.50. Although Sloppy’s guacamole is great, I think sthis is the one area where Chipotle beats Sloppy’s Burritos. However, I rather have organic guacamole, so in the end Sloppy’s wins hah. Yes, I am one of those crazy organic freaks.

Sloppy's Burritos Boylan Soda

Hand-crafted sodas are from Boylan and local producer Batch Craft Soda, featuring pure cane sugar. I rarely drink soda, but if I do it for sure will only be pure cane sugar soda. No high fructose corn syrup for my body.

 Cabo Chips  $1

Sloppy's Burritos Cabo Chips  Sloppy's Burritos Salsa

 Non GMO Chips made from organic soybean oil and cooked by hand are from Cabo Chips – a family-run company that practices environmentally-friendly practices and packaging. They were good and sturdy chips for dipping. Next time will get the organic blue corn chips, yum!

Homemade salsas include mild Pico de Gallo, roasted tomato, roast tomatillo or spicy Chipotle, and feature organic tomatoes. The salsas were nice and fresh, but I love me some hot salsas, which the chipotle wasn’t at all. All four were just mild, and I suggested they switch out one for a hot salsa. So hopefully they do, but honestly that won’t stop me from going there though. It would just be an added bonus :)

Grass Fed Burrito $7.25

Sloppy's Burritos Recyclable Gold Wrapper

The highest-quality organic (however, not certified) meats are from Newport Meat Company, including Jidori chicken, all-natural pork from Salmon Creek Farms, and grass-fed beef. Therefore, making this beef burritos one of the best I have had. Mehdi got the Jidori chicken burrito, and the chicken was nicely brine and moist. I couldn’t decide which I liked better since both were so good, but if I had to choose the chicken by a hair. Once again, Sloppy’s made to order and flash-grilling approach makes the meat so tender, juicy, and flavorful. Mmmm!

I also like the recyclable gold foil, which reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the winning golden ticket :)

Sloppy's Burritos

 Sloppy’s Burritos offer a broad array of healthy choices including five types of low-fat tortillas (whole wheat, spinach, garlic green onion, jalapeno cilantro, or flour), organic white or brown rice, organic black or pinto beans, organic lettuce, organic guacamole, non-rBST sour cream and Monterey Jack cheeses, and a light cilantro vinaigrette dressing.

I got my burrito with grass-fed beef, white rice (they didn’t have any brown rice at that time), lettuce, guacamole, salsa, and cilantro dressing all wrapped in a delicious jalapeno cilantro tortilla. Perfect for me, but maybe not for you. That’s why I love these build your own meal places because you will always be satisfied when you are the boss of what goes into your meal.

It’s nice to see more and more restaurants truly being health conscious. Love pretty much everything about Sloppy’s Burritos and highly recommend everyone to go check them out!

This meal was complimentary and provided by the restaurant. I was not compensated for the review and all the opinions are my own.



Sloppy’s Burritos

3884 4th Avenue

San Diego, California 92103

(619) 269-2697

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  1. Yuri says:

    I was tempted to try out Sloppy’s. Is it the same owner as Project Pie (which you MUST try cuz it’s just that awesome)? I only ask cuz they have Boylan sodas =)

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