County Line BBQ and Cafe: My Favorite Pit Stop Along Highway 79

Published on: Nov 06 2013 by jenny

Sorry about being MIA folks, but been reconfiguring things in my life and sometimes it takes longer than expected. But my recent discovery of Highway 79 and County Line BBQ and Cafe has given me the kick necessary to get back on the boat.

For the past three years,  Jacqu and his wife Debbie run this adorable oasis that serves up wild game dishes along with a full line of American favorites for lunch and dinner. I’ve been twice now, and I am absolutely a fan of the place.

Pate Plate     $9.50



During my first visit, I was so excited to see that they served pate that I ordered it instantly. The liver pate did not disappoint and were a great start to the meal. I wish I could give more details, but my memory is failing me.


Agave Wine Margarita     $4.75


Since County Line BBQ and Cafe does not have a full liquor license, their margaritas use agave wine instead of tequila. Agave wine is produced from the fermentation of agave sap, while tequila is the distillation of the same plant. Because it is produced by fermentation, agave wine contains much less alcohol than tequila, but has that similar great taste. Mehdi and I really enjoyed the smooth taste of it and gladly ordered another round.


Baby Green Salad

Served with vinaigrette.


County Line BBQ and Cafe green salad is simple, fresh, delicious, and even colorful.


County Line Potatoes     $2.75

Sauteed red potatoes with rosemary, garlic, onion, and sweet peppers



County Line BBQ and Cafe does not serve french fries. However, their County Line Potatoes are a healthier alternative and quite delicious.


Three Brat Combo     $17.95

includes salad (see above baby green salad), veggies, dinner roll, and chef's complimentary sauce.


Both visits, we have always ordered the Three Brat Combo and it is my absolute favorite. Each bratwurst is special because it is Jacqu’s unique recipe. County Line BBQ and Cafe selection of wild game bratwursts include wild boar, rabbit, elk, pheasant, veal, bison, lamb, rabbit, and duck. To date, my favorite brat is the veal. It is so tender and flavorful. Mehdi said it is hands down the best veal brats he has had outside of Germany. I also really loved the lamb brat since it has a nice kick to it.  I cannot wait to try all of them!


Local Bison Burger (1/3 lb.)     $9.75

Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and chef's complimentary sauce on a Cheddar Jalapeno baked bun.


On our second visit, we order an elk and bison burger. We preferred the bison burger, since the elk burger did not have much flavor. However, we did order it medium rare, so maybe it needed to be cooked a bit longer? Not sure, I never had an elk burger before and maybe it is too lean for me. Also, their buns comes from the local Dudley’s Bakery in Santa Ysabel.

1/2 Rack Baby Back Ribs     $15.50

includes salad (see above baby green salad), veggies and dinner roll


On our first visit, Mehdi ordered the pork baby back ribs and loved them. Cooked over a wood fire out back, the ribs were tender and the BBQ sauce was not overly sweet. We heard great things about the tri tip and brisket too, so that will be next on the list!

Apple Pie Ala Mode     $6.25



County Line BBQ and Cafe serves Julian Apple Pie = enough said. They also can warm it up. Such a perfect way to end a meal!





County Line BBQ and Cafe
23446 Highway 79
Warner Springs, California 92086
(951) 767-3040


An interesting side trip is to the Lieu Quan Meditation Center. From Country Line BBQ and Cafe head south on Highway 79  approximately one and a half miles to Chihuahua Valley Road and turn left. Follow Chihuahua Valley Road approximately six miles and on the left side of the road you’ll see Lieu Quan Meditation Center, a gated property with huge Buddhas and Asian sculptures dotting the property.

Check it out. Who knows, you may find Nirvana.



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