Del Mar: Prepkitchen

Published on: Jan 07 2011 by jenny
1201 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 792-7737

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hah, a little late, I know. As I have mentioned countless times, I’m behind on my posts (I still need to do posts about my awesome eats in Ensenada! Aiiiiigooo!). I guess maybe my new years revolution should be to just pump out some post like crazy? Hmmm…I’ll try my best! :D

I thought for my first post of the year, I should do a recent visit. So I am going to write about my New Years Day brunch at Prepkitchen in Del Mar. This was my first visit to Prepkitchen and I heard such great raves about it that I was really looking forward to it. In short, it was awesome! But of course, I will yammer on some more about it :D

They have a pretty good size patio area, which I recommend seating at. I mean, we are in California, we got to enjoy our awesome weather, right? :D

But for those who has had enough vitamin D for the day, they do have a nice, small dining area.

We were delightfully informed by our waitress that they were having a complimentary bottomless brunch cocktail special just for the New Year. O-M-G…score!!!! hah I guess 2011 is going to be awesome :P

They had three options and of course I tried all three heh.

Cucumber Honey Mimosa $8

Very interesting and unique. Even though I like things with a twist, I still liked the traditional mimosa more.

Traditional Mimosa

Can’t go wrong with tradition! Especially when it is hand squeezed orange juice. Yum!

Sangria $8

It was watered down ;( I went back to the mimosa in a heartbeat hah.

Moroccan Lamb Meatballs $11.75
Cous cous, apricot, and cilantro

Oh man, this thing takes forever to cook, but trust me it is worth it. Soooo yummmy! I thought it was going to be dry and not very flavorful, but no way. Pretty soft and super flavorful. I would eat this as an entree any day. Ummm yeah…I’m eating meat again :x

Chilaquiles $13
chipotle chicken, fried eggs, creame fraiche, ionion, cilantro, and queso fresco

FYI, this is only a brunch item. This was my first time having chilaquiles, but how can someone not like this. So yummy! Chowed this down super fast.

Niman Ranch All Beef Hotdog $9.95
Salsa fresca, spicy pickles, mustard, pickled peppers, tomato, and gruyere
Served with mixed greens and house potato chips

Oh man, I got told! I was really doubting my friend, Dan on this order. I was like, “You’re going to order a hot dog?!!? Pfft! Don’t you dare try stealing my food if your suck.” hahaha, aren’t I the sweetest? I’m sorry, I get greedy when it comes to food. I don’t eat like no bird, okay! Anyways, the hot dog was SO YUM! Probably, one of the top hot dogs I had. I mean it was a quality hot dog, but it was the bread (toasted too) and cheese that did it. Yum, yum, yum!!! The house potato chips were good too.

Seasonal Bread Pudding $7

I heart bread pudding when it is done right. Ohhh and Prepkitchen does it right! That day their bread pudding was Cranberry Carmel Pecan? So yummmy. A must! It was pretty much gone in an instant. mmmMMmmm! Get it!

OMG, this place is SOLID. Everything we got was great. That’s saying a lot since I feel like it’s pretty hard to accomplish that these days.

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