Dongdaemun: Restaurant Kazakhstan

Published on: Feb 19 2010 by jenny

Restaurant Kazakhstan
Address: Kyungsung Bldg, 4F, 76-2 Kwanghee-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
Telephone: 02-2269-7505
Directions: Line 2, 5, and 4 Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (formerly Dongdaemun Stadium) exit 7 make an immediate right onto the small alley. You need to merge left a bit to keep going straight on the road. Restaurant Kazakhstan will be ahead on the 4th floor.

I was told about this place from my friend, Derrick a while ago, but never made it out until last week. Man, I am regretting not making it out here sooner because the food was delicious! This is the place to go if you ever wanted to try Kazahk or Russian food. Also, you can score on some strong Russians beers for a good price which that alone makes this place AWESOME! hah

Talk about authentic, this place didn’t even have an English menu until maybe a month or so ago. Still, I had Derrick order for all of us. Don’t let the Korean workers fool you. They may know some Korean or English, but no guarantee. Good luck^^

Baltika 9Strong Lager at 8% 4,500 won

Bread 1,500 won

Spicy broth, noodles, cabbage, fried egg strips, fried beef, fresh cucumber 6,000 won

This wasn’t so spicy

Vareniki s Kartoshkoi
Russian style dumplings stuffed with mashed potatoes 7,000 won

Russian traditional pork dumplings served with sour cream 7,000 won

Home-made Rissole
Chicken, pork, mushroom, cheese 6,000 won

You may want to pass on this, it was eh

Mutton Shashlik
5,000 won
Chicken Shashlik 4,000 won

OMG, yum yum!

Stuffed cabbage 7,000 won

This isn’t on the English menu. It’s on the Kazakhstan menu, and I believe it’s number 21. This is the crowd favorite, so order it!

So happy^^

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4 Comments to “Dongdaemun: Restaurant Kazakhstan”

  1. Author says:

    I believe the Golumpki is on the English menu, but its under a different name and number. Mikhail and I couldn't figure what the English menu was missing! (I could be wrong though…)

    Just below the restaurant is a Kazakh store. You can buy the Baltika beers to take home there as well as all sorts of foods and foreign products.

    This place is delicious.

  2. Jenny Cleary says:

    Ohhhh, sweet! I will check out the 3rd floor next time. Thanks for the info^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    link is added to the site Russian restaurants in Korea

  4. Jenny Cleary says:

    Thanks, didn't know there were so many of them in Korea!

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