Insadong: Bird Flying Tea Shop

Published on: Feb 05 2010 by jenny

옛찻집 Old Tea Shop aka Bird Flying Tea Shop
Address: 서울시 종노구 관훈동 2-2 (2층)
Telephone: 02-722-5019
Directions: Line 3 Angok station (안국역) exit 6 walk straight and street turns left to Tourist Information Center. Walk straight and turn left at GS25 onto Insadong-gil. Go straight ~200 meters and turn left at Temple Cooking Sanchon (next to Jilsiru Tteok Cafe) onto a small alley. At the end of alley you will see Old Tea Shop, but go left one shop to access their Bird Flying Tea Shop which is on the 2nd floor (map).

If you’re visiting the Insadong area, you should check out one of their many tea shops. I like the 2nd floor of the Old Tea Shop because it’s a bird flying tea shop. Thanks goes out to Gloria for introducing me to the place.

It’s very relaxing, especially once the birds start chirping away. I didn’t feel like I was in Seoul, but somewhere in the mountains where I, Goldilocks let myself into a Buddhist’s home. I tried to be good and maintain their yin and yang balance by ordering their tea to bring me some double harmony heh~

Double Harmony Tea 쌍화차 6,000 won
Made from a mixture of beneficial herbs. Effective for physical and mental fatigue.

It was pretty good for what I like to call medicine tea, but maybe for some that might not be the case. I think my taste buds have been trained over the years because my mother would make me drink lots of medicine type tea while I was growing up.

Also, eat some of their rice crackers that really just taste like nothing. It’s amazing how much you still eat without much taste, but still packing on the carbs, DOH! The birds can’t even get enough either! But, how do they stay so slim? JEALOUS! :P

Then, do some bird gazing and chatting.

Don’t forget to go to the bathroom before leaving^^

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4 Comments to “Insadong: Bird Flying Tea Shop”

  1. Cool I love this place(esp the bathroom!)

  2. Jenny Cleary says:

    I know, right? Me too!! :D

  3. maryam says:

    Oh THANK YOU VERY MUCH I was searching for this tea house details from a very long time
    I will visit seoul for the first time in the coming August..
    I wish I could find its location in google maps..

    thaaaaaank you one more time :)

  4. Tom Crowe-Garey says:

    I visited this Tea House in Insa Dong back in the late 90’s when I was stationed in Pyong Tek. I absolutely loved this place and found it almost magical in a way. When I went, the lights were lowered, there was a fine mist throughout the tea house, and these amazing little birds were zooming all over. My cup of Joo-joo Cha was the best cup of tea I have ever experienced in my life. I cannot WAIT to return for a similar experience.

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