Whistler: Crepe Montagne

Published on: Apr 02 2011 by jenny
116-4368 Main Street
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada V0N 1B4
(604) 905-4444

This was without a doubt my favorite place I ate at during my stay in Whistle. It was a quick stop too, but nevertheless Crepe Montagne didn’t fail to exceed my expectations. Sadly, I discovered it the last day there or else I would of went in for another visit. That is saying a lot, since I tend to not revisit many places (especially when visiting an area).

First impressions, this place is too cute! I loved the rustic, cozy atmosphere the place embodies. It’s a small, intimate space so anything bigger than a party of ten will be out of luck unless you are willing to separate. Trust me, just separate. It will be well worth it.

Since crepe is in their name, that was what I got. However, I did have some reservations. I had some savory crepes before and I have never been really wowed by them. Dessert crepes are a different story though ;) Anyways, the place seemed authentic because the staff were French, so I had my fingers crossed.

Rookies $11.50
Two eggs, Canadian bacon (or ham), three cheeses, and green onions
Oh man, delicious! Whatever you order, get the Canadian bacon. It is so good here. Maybe just in Canada in general? Who knows, but honestly the Canadian bacon is what made this crepe amazingly good. Well, maybe also their homemade buckwheat flour crepe :D

Crepe Montagne also offers a Western breakfast, but honestly don’t bother. I really felt like I was getting a taste of France’s food. Even though I have never been to France, I am pretty sure in the years to come this creperie will still be a top contender. Granted the place isn’t cheap, but what place is in Whistler? Well worth every penny.

Whistler is so pretty!

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